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He is master of Vashikaran, Love Vashikaran, Black Magic, Black Magic Removal and Love Problem and capable of solving problems which you are facing in your life. Pandit Ketan Joshi is a Famous Astrologer located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA. Pandit Ketan Joshi ji is the specialist of Astrology, Vashikaran, Black Magic, Lost Love Back and Love problem solution. He spread his service in all over the world UK, USA, Australia, India, America, Canada, New Zealand, and many other countries.

Love Problem Solution

Have you ever experienced boundless emotions for your romantic partner? What term can we use to describe it? It's a love that possesses immeasurable strength. You might refer to it as an endless feeling. However, in today's trends, love has become a significant focal point.

Love Marriage Specialist

Turn your dream of a love marriage into reality with the guidance of a love marriage specialist who will remove all unnecessary obstacles from your path. Contact us to pave the way for your love marriage, and we will assist you in tying the knot.

One Sided Love Problem

In today's fast-paced world, genuine love has become increasingly rare in society. Many young people lack the knowledge and understanding of how to properly nurture and care for their romantic partners. It's common for most lovers to feel clueless and act ineffectively in their relationships.

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Family Problem Solution

It can be challenging to find the right support when you're unsure where to turn. Traditional options like therapists or priests might not feel like the right fit because they may not fully understand your unique experiences and needs. It's important to seek guidance from someone who has your best interests at heart and can relate to your situation.

Business Problem Solution

Are you encountering challenges with your business? Struggling to achieve success or expand your venture? Whether you're facing hurdles or seeking growth opportunities, we're here to help. Feel free to consult with us, as we're dedicated to assisting you with any business-related concerns.

Divorce Problem Solution

Divorce is a profound experience that goes beyond simply losing a partner; it often entails losing a part of oneself. Even though you still know who you are, the end of a relationship can leave you feeling like a piece of yourself has vanished as well.

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Tisha Nalande


Excellent tips given by Guruji, versatile talent and i have consulted many astrologers but have not good predictions like him. He suggested me so many things which has helped me my life. I have confidence in his suggestion and guidance and i strongly recommend him for any opinions and suggestions to change your lives.Thanks a lot Guruji.

Sinok Raj


Sir has great experience in studying horoscope. He helped me always in tough times and advised me to do correct in life. Either choosing right career or tackles any personal problems, he always helped like guru and showed me right path in life.

Bheem Singh


My experience was amazing. The remedies given by him are very easy to follow. The predictions are very accurate. Sir is very kind, gentle and down to earth who aims to disseminate his knowledge to help others.

sonali Kumari


Had a wonderful experience talking to him..I felt like I am talking to someone very close to me or a family person. Felt very free to talk to him..Good words..From him made my mind free and got a peaceful mind.. Correct solutions too

Aditya Shinha


It is amazing when you've stated disclosing facts pertaining to our past and guided regarding our future. Really you possess capacity to overcome problems in very lucid manner. The best astrologer

Paro Singh


Astrologer shivrudra is known for simple and correct results for any vastu problems. With help of top astrologer I could make changes for positivity in home. Though there are ups and downs in life. Panditji made me strong to face them.

Kumar Jayesh


I can't even express how I felt after the session. I also got emotional during the session because Chetan ji was so accurate. So patient, so calm, so understanding. He's the best astrologer I've come accross! He explained everything so well. So detailed. Complete value for money.

Lewis vettori


His understanding of astrology is admirable and the finest part is his potential to convince you when you have a rigid belief system. The first person I have met who has a rich clarity in his orientation and is able to grasp your problem.

Manisha Begun


Best astrologer in Ahmadabad good advice and solutions. Had an online astrology appointment it was very helpful. Thank you shivrudra astrologer best astrologer.

salim khan


Had an amazing experience.. he explained the science of astrology very well . Thank you for the remedies.. looking forward for this new approach of astrology..

Avatar Singh


Good online astrologer. Good job and life prediction. Worth visiting sai upasak best astrologer in Gujarat . Good family advice on children

Arnav Mathur


Best astrologer in gujrat. I suggest meet once in life. I advice him meet personally your life will change positive way.

chandan kumar


These days very few people motivate and help others the way he does. His predictions were so accurate that my belief in astrology has increased even more. I am thankful to him for guiding me towards the right path.

Rakesh Yadav


I highly recommend guruji as one of the finest and talented astrologer in Ahmadabad . Have recommended him to family n friends whole heartedly.

Hariom Perkash


Before some days my mind was very disturbed then i meet guru ji in shivrudra astrologer then now my mind was so happy and me also thanks to shivrudra astrologer.

Atul Ojha


I have consulted astrologers in the past.. But never met anyone like him.. he is so knowledgeable plus the insight is very amazing....

Sonu Singh


Very good astrologer. Open and genuine advice. Wonderful person. Thank shivrudra best astrologer in Gujarat..

Shitu Kumari


I found him very genuine n intelligent person . He had great knowledge of astrology,easy to understand about past n future. Really great experience

Anuj Kapadiya


which are very effective. The pooja performed by him has given me positive effects. I felt very confident after consulting him. Thank You sir.

Neeraj Pal


The best astrology I ever met. This is the best place to overcome your problems and with best solution. Thanks guru ji..

Amarjeet Singh


He saw my Kundli and detailed me from each and every aspects. I would recommend him best to best.. Thanks

Fursat Ali


knowledgeable person about astrology. He was good astrologer in our city Gujarat Thanks sir for slove my problem

Pranay Khot


Best astrologer in Gujarat. Gives perfect advice. Meet once to solve your problem.

Moni Khan


One thing about this astrologer it have online service so anyone want to meet gutu ji you will go online andaat guru ji

Rangnath Murthi.


His words and immense knowledge always show the right path to others . I am sure people will be benefitted by his valuable guidance.

Jr Nathan


He is very helpful... his remedies helped me to get my love back... Thank you so much ketan Joshi ji.

jyoti sinha


Thank you sir my business issue problem very easily solve and good suggestion and recommendation for your mind I am very happy and my family very happy I recommend my friend for their services thank you on best service provider..

Nitin Joshi


Resolve all my problems. Very humble and down to earth person Guru ji. Thanking you so much guru ji.

Taro Singh


Only person who gives you satisfaction confidence & above shows you right path in friendly way thanks shivrudra astrologer to changing my life

Shamsher Reddy


Best accurate remedies given by Guru ji awesome i m speechless. i advice everyone to meet once in life.

Yogesh Sharma


Special Thanks to astrologer ketan joshi..... He is a great person in world. His miracle is word less❀

ravi Shanker


His astrology predictions and the way he manages many depressed souls like me is the best in Ahmedabad 😊😊...

Chintu Wahab


I will say he is a great advisor who is so dedicated and customer centric in the way he delivers...I will hire him anyday...meet him to know him, hire him to know yourself better.

Anshu Mestry


I have immensely loved meeting him and am so clear of myself like never before...superb is he and his expertise..

Sham Lal


Excellent Solution for me. I got a good job i am happy for day. thank you very much

prity Singh


Very satisfied. Nicely explained n he is nice human being. U should visit once. πŸ™

Nadeem Seikh


If you have also any divorce related issues than must get consult with Ketan Joshi ji πŸ™πŸ»

Renu Mehra


Shivrudra astrologer is really good.. It is provide good service. Highly recommend

Chandni Pal


Best astrologe, vastushastra & karmakand with amazing facts. They gives perfect advice.

Raman Goyal


Thank u sir …had a very nice consultation experience..he patiently explained the issue and the provided easy remedies…

Rohan Waldar


Just like god for me.. he has helped me to get my love back.. with his effective Services πŸͺ„βœ¨ πŸ’•....

Misbha Ansari


Now, i am very successful in my career all. I am very thanks to guru ji for helping me in my tough time....!

Reshma Verma


Shivrudra astrologer is really good.. It is provide good solutions for any problems.

Talib Ansari


His all predictions are very accurate and practically. He is best astrologer in ahmdabad πŸ’š

Murari mishra


Shiv rudra astrologer is really good guys I am very very satisfied from him I I Ike this service it's a really great guys

Yogesh Kale


Deep knowledge and patiently answered all queries. Highly recommend him. Very satisfied with their service

Aman Mehra


exception, and he is exceptional. I am so grateful I found him at the most difficult time.

Sujain AgrwaL


Best Astrologer I have met. Thanks Guruji for your guidance and solutions

Asraf Ali


I would definitely recommend his helpful astrology service to all my friends and family.

Raunak dubey


Shiv rudra astrologer is really great guys I really like it and he is very very famous for the astrology

Rajnish dubey


Shiv rudra astrologer is really great guys I really like it and he is very very famous for the astrology

Mahesh Iyer


Excellent place for all your family problems. Best person i have ever met in life.

Karan Jaara


If he gives you the confirmation then believe him your good result is soon.

Soni Verma


One of the most popular astrologer in Rajkot. I really like this astrologer

Harsh Mehra


I would definitely suggest shivrudra astrologer to all my love ones.

Vishal Verma


Shivrudra astrologer is really good..it is provide good solutions for any problem

Binty Pal


You should also consult shiv rudra astrologer he is very effective..

Nirmala Devi


Because he solve my problem. I never forget... Thank you Because he solve my problem. I never forget... Thank you

Karan Grover


Pure logic and high accuracy predictions.Shiv Rudra has always helped me to solve my many problems.

Husen bolt Bolt


Shivrudra astrologer is very most papular in the nice jotis

Gautam Mehra


I found him very genuine n intelligent person . 😊

Bhavesh Naman


He is best love problem specialist astrologer in Ahmedabad.

Shushi Sharma


He is not greedy minded or money makers like all fake other astrologer.

Tarun Goyal


One of the best decision I ever made was contacting Guruji

Sandeep Mathur


Very good knowledge about astrology and genuine person.

Trusha Singh


Professional and straight forward. Felt all the predictions as real and perfect

Bhagvat Singh


I got my love life back with the help of his helpful predictions...

Gudiya Mehra


His predictions is always accurate. Highly recommended

Raman Mehra


Shivrudra astrologers is really good . It is provide good solutions

Nancy gupta


Shiv rudra astrologer is predicted accurate what is going on in our life



Special Thanks to astrologer ketan joshi..... He is a great person in world. His miracle is word less. Because he solve my problem. I never forget... Thank you

Gopi Verma


Shivrudra is an astrologers whose prediction are always accurate.

Sudha Khanna


They provide good service..I am fully satisfied with the service

Chandani malhotra


Good suggestions to all quires . Wonderful experience taking with him.

Sonu Kumar


His charges are very least and reasonable..

Prince bhai


I really wondered to their predict is right it's totally πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Shakshi kasayap


This is nice astrology. I am impressed by this astrologer.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

niranjan jangi


Importantly the remedies suggested are very simple and effective.

Leela Sharma


This is really amazing and supportive astrologer

Hridhaan Reddy


Best knowledgeable Gives perfect solutions Highly recommended

Yuretha Reddy


Very effective remedies and practical solutions.

Narinder Shukla


He is love problem specialist.

hitesh Bhargav kuchera bhargaw


Thanks to pandit ketan joshi ji solve my love problem within 72 hrs

Mitul Shah


Hi. . Very good services by Astrologer Ketan Joshi. My problem solve by Astrologer Ketan Joshi

Rekha Panchal


Thank you ketan joshi ji .. Mere bete ka bhavisye sudharne ke liye Mene aasha hi chod di mere bete ki jo aaj aapki vajah se me sukhi hu. Bhagvan aapko kamyabi or de. Rekha panchal Ahmedabad πŸ™ (Original) Thank you ketan joshi ji.. Mere bete ka bhavisye sudharne ke liye Mene aasha hi chod di mere bete ki jo aaj aapki vajah se me sukhi hu. Bhagvan aapko kamyabi or de. Rekha panchal Ahmedabad πŸ™

Sadhana Pande


Thank you pandit ketan joshi ji aap se jab se me judi meri life aap ke kaam se our aap ke gaid karne se me meri family ke sath bhut happy hun jo me sochi nhi thi ab mere sath sab achha ho rha h thanx pandit ketan joshi ji From sadhana panday lukhnow (Original) Thank you pandit ketan joshi ji aap Se jab se me judi meri life aap ke kaam se our aap ke gaid karne se me meri family ke sath bhut happy hun jo me sochi nhi thi ab mere sath sab achha Ho rha h thanx pandit ketan joshi ji From sadhana panday lukhnow

Jitendra Sharma


(Translated by Google) thanks for ketan guru (Original) thanks for ketan guru

janak 5289


Thank you Mr Janak.I am always here to help you out. God bless you janak

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